Diy Video Tutorial: Upcycled Aviation Lamp

This Upcycled Aviation Lamp was made from a reconditioned airport runway light and reclaimed wood for the base. If you’re a pilot, plane enthusiast or just love aviation decor than this is a project for you!

Start hunting old airport lights and make this Upcycled Aviation Lamp for a fantastic holiday gift!

Make this Upcycled Aviation Lamp for that plane lover in your family.
This project is the perfect idea for those in your family who are into aviation! Start watching online auction sites and swap meets for parts now!
Turn old runway lights into this Upcycled Aviation Lamp.
Upcycle old runway lights into this striking aviation lamp.
Upcycled Aviation Lamp upcycles remnant wood pieces for the base.
Upcycle pallet wood or other remnant/cutoff wood pieces as a sturdy and stable base.
This Upcycled Aviation Lamp is just right for a desk, corner accent light, or even a nightlight!
This lamp is just right for a desk, corner accent light, or even a nightlight for a child’s room!

My finished Upcycled Aviation Lamp.

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