by Jan Steutelings

Dragon of Scrap Metal

I made this sculpture after I cleaned out the basement. Got loads of metal out of it and decided to make a dragon. I ended up searching for more scrap metal because I ran out of mine. It includes car parts, shovels, pipework, gas tanks and other stuff. Never made a plan, it was all in my head. It measures 2,36 meters high and 2,45 meters in width and length. It took me 2 years on and off work. Now it stands in the backyard, I’m still searching for a nice spot where he shines in his magnificents.



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Dala Luz via Facebook
Dala Luz via Facebook


Beth Chepote via Facebook
Beth Chepote via Facebook

I would LOVE to have that guarding my yard!!!!

Taria Lorehand
Taria Lorehand

I know where it can look it’s best, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY APARTMENT DOOR!!! gimme gimme gimme!!!!

Helen McCollum via Facebook

Love this

Jenny Francis via Facebook
Jenny Francis via Facebook

if i knew how to work with metal, i would try to make a fairy sculpture! the dragon wings inspire me, and i like dragons and fairies in the same realm!

Ken Barkus

That is really well done, I like that.

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