Diy: Driftwood Coat Rack

An easy, cheap and very simple eco-chic coat rack for your entrance made from found driftwood.

  1. Make sure your piece of driftwood lies flat against the wall. If it doesn’t, use a band saw to cut off one-third of the driftwood lengthwise.
  2. Using a handheld electric drill, drill four holes into the bottom of your driftwood, angling slightly forward. Use a drill bit the width of your screw’s shank.
  3. With a wrench, screw four round hook screws into the wood, tightening them so they all face forward.
  4. Secure your driftwood to a wall using two long screws, spaced so each is secured in a wall stud.


++ Re-nest DIY instructions

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Gary Du Plooy via Facebook
Gary Du Plooy via Facebook

Wayne Willetts an idea?

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