Drinks Dispenser From Recycled Engine Parts

I saw this idea on Internet and decided to make my own one from recycled engine parts.

Drinks Dispenser From Recycled Engine Parts 1 • Recycling Metal
Drinks Dispenser From Recycled Engine Parts 3 • Recycling Metal
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Brux Page

Bo, an idea for you… ?

Betti Na

Marty Mc Fly c’est pour toi ça ?

Juli Stansfield

Casey Brzozowski maybe we can upcycle your engine and drink the cares away?

Ian Sparrow

Martyn Carter this something I could see you making lol

Martyn Carter
Reply to  Ian Sparrow

I have got some old forged conrods

Ian Sparrow
Reply to  Ian Sparrow

Haha I’ve probably got the plumbing fittings somewhere…..winner haha

Chris Swalle

Moi c’est du light…

Božica Petrić

Tomislav Biočić ovi prave mjesalicu za pice a ti ne znas popravit pipu

Tomislav Biočić

Tu pipu ni Bog ne zna popravit

Tea Višević

Auuuu pa to je divno

Asli Neal
Asli Neal

Do you have a parts list for this project? My guy would love this

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