Ducati Parts Into Coat Rack

After creating a custom set of rear sets for my Ducati Monster, I didn’t want to trash the original rear sets because they are OEM Ducati parts. The OEM rear sets are huge awkward three-dimensional cast aluminum pieces. Not adjustable, and just plain ugly. But then again they were designed back in the early ’90. After letting them lay on the floor for a few months, I came up with an idea. I painted them black and took some large drywall anchor bolts and mounted them on the wall. I put an old set of pairs back on them, and there it was! A genuine Ducati Coat Rack. After hanging my race suit, a shop apron, and a few other random items on it. Covered up, the OEM rear sets made a great coat rack! I’ve have had guys comment on how cool my new coat rack is…






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