by Jennyjenn

Earrings Holder Out Of Upcycled Mesh

Mesh recycled in earrings holder! So simple! :)

Earrings Holder Out Of Upcycled Mesh 1 • Accessories

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Andrea Studebaker
Andrea Studebaker

This is just what I want. Where can I find mesh like this? What is it usually used for? Brilliantly simple!

jenny jenn
jenny jenn

thanks andrea!
sorry for my late answer, i didn’t see your comment.
this mesh was usually for my henhouse.
you can find it in shops selling tools for garden ; or you can recycle it from someone who has already some.

Andrea Studebaker
Andrea Studebaker

Oh, thank you Jenny! I don’t think anyone I know has any. I haven’t seen it. I’ll check at the garden store.

Lora Obry via Facebook
Lora Obry via Facebook

Et régine tu peux faire la même chose mais par contre tu encadres ton grillage à poule pour un peu plus d’esthétisme. Ca peut rendre vraiment bien !


I like this idea. But you could also use a fishing net. I do a fishing theme and think I will use that.

Lisa Hardley

Thanks! Thats a cool idea!

Fritz Vo Do

Thats mine´, a former dumpling-spoon to get them out of cooking water

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