Echo Wood Production

Echo Wood Productions LLC is a small furniture maker in Gainesville Florida. Echo Wood Productions offers conscience shoppers upcycled furnishings made from reclaimed wood (mostly shipping pallets) that would have otherwise been needlessly wasted. Aware consumers can keep usable materials out of the landfills and furnish the home with unique chairs, bookcases, coffee tables, and more. Echo Wood uses all Greenguard Certified finishes and compost any wood waste. Echo Wood mission is to keep usable wood out of the landfills and offer high quality furniture at affordable prices.

Echo Wood Production 1 • Recycled Furniture
Echo Wood Production 2 • Recycled Furniture
Echo Wood Production 3 • Recycled Furniture

++ More information available at Echo Wood Production website !

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Xrene Dexxprxs via Facebook
Xrene Dexxprxs via Facebook

the prob with these places/furniture shops is the majority of people who use the majority of resources can’t afford overpriced furniture.. hopefully these are fairly priced.. if not the effort is pointless.. if the price is bloated.. people are going to Walmart and Target for the cheap stuff.. because as well meaning as repurposed is.. most people can’t afford to pay for egos..

Darlene C. Matthews via Facebook
Darlene C. Matthews via Facebook

they don’t seem to be in business- and – www is not working.

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