by Manos Mpatzolis

Eco Friendly Christmas Tree From Cardboard

An eco-friendly Christmas tree made from cardboard.



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Brandy Michelle Chadwick Acosta
Brandy Michelle Chadwick Acosta

Aren’t real Christmas trees Eco friendly??

Tim Gentry

waste. of. time.

Dragomir Eleonora

fir branches can be used instead of the green pieces of paper and it would be an almost real chistmas tree


Ready to make a branch Christmas tree this picture of branch Where i was found out on road back home .I thinks that some one just finish trimmed then leaved them on road ! while i picked up :)

Hélène Fontaine

très original

Perrin Fanny

Franchement j’adore !!!! Merci


I like this look so gorgeous and style Even though i have already one branch Christmas tree But for sure this will be my next year selection :) And Please take a look my page If noproblem give like Please and Thanks ! Merci ! Love u . Friendlygreenfrog .

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