Ecocentriche Creations

Annarita Mameli, creative recycling artist, Violetta Canitano, architect and designer. From our chance meeting and shared passion for eco-sustainability, to life an exciting collaboration and a unique creative project Design Eco-centriche FROM thing REBORN thing.
Our creations are made exclusively by the creative recycling of paper, paperboard, and cardboard treated only with natural glues, non-toxic colors, paper crafts and recycled newspapers.They range from pop paintings, hand-painted with acrylic paints, born by recycling old canvases with newspapers, to furniture accessories such as lamps, frames, mirrors, and particularly to sturdy and durable furniture made of cardboard. These are crafted using a double and triple corrugated cardboard interlock with a special technique designed to make furniture resistant. Recyclable, lightweight, durable cardboard provides endless possibilities of sizes, shapes and decorations.




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