by Salvador Nadal

El Nebot Del Persianer (Design & Crafts)

Salvador Nadal is the creator of the project workshop of “El nebot del persianer” that while the name of this collection of furniture and lighting blinds made from reused. A set of timeless furniture vocation that offers some currents and creative solutions to the problem of workspace and where, at the time, incorporating elements of our craft tradition. Just look at their prototypes to appreciate them Footprint Carpenter manual process, as opposed to the resource industry. Moreover, the use of fragments of blinds on your furniture is not just a clever way to recycle and give new life to an object fallen into disuse; it is also a cry of protest poetry to warn of a past that we will, from the hand of our old craftsmen. With them will also be a world of knowledge and practical wisdom, a way to make earth-bound, the nature and customs of the people of each site. El nebot del persianer, claims reviewing this model and commitment to enhancing the products of our lands. The design is a reflection of society; we understand that we need models that provide different solutions to the challenges and future of humanity. The aim is to create a sustainable future connected to our emotions. We support green, intelligent and exciting design. . We know the strong bond that is developed between object and user when the sensitive flows. We empower traditional and autochthonous, and we believe it is the best way to create objects by and for the people. Reinterpret the past, reinvent it invented. El nebot del persianer designed for today’s activity, but their furniture speaks of a legacy that we must not lose. This project stems from a family tradition, your uncle has been a manufacturer, installer and repairer of blinds since 1955.


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