by Gonzalo Diazriquelme

Electricity Meters Project

The project start from 2003, years later, in July 2007, around the country launched the replacement of more than 20 million electricity meters. Gonzalo Diaz Riquelme refers to them as one artifact that disappeared long remains absent, forgotten, or wedged behind the portal, today’s days are his “in-des-use”poster. Gonzalo Diaz Riquelme project is dedicated to the forgotten decontextualize electricity meters to give an aesthetic reintegration and protagonism. Transformed into box of light, these mini-scenarios are wearing their own light. Inside, various compositions, mini-sculptures, old photographs, objects and curiosities lead us to a dreamlike journey fact fantasies and dreams.

contador negro-window

panoramic counter1web

Electricity Meters Project 3 • Recycled Art



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pablo martinez
pablo martinez

very original proyect!!!


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