Foot Stool

Kevin’s idea is to keep from sending stuff to the landfill. The boots were too shabby to send to Goodwill so they would have wound up in our trash. The jeans were so worn out, beyond repair, so he cut them off below the damaged knees. The seat is made from left over upholstery scraps, carpet padding and scrap lumber.


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JLuis Díaz

Yerno infiel reciclado por un suegro.

Jo N Trev Hibbert

Wendy Pearce

Jo N Trev Hibbert

Julianne Greyhouse Phill Hibbert

Brigitte Verhooste-Tournaye

burk !!!! oh non ça me gêne quelque part …. ça doit remonter dans mon enfance docteur !!!! klol

Martine Cristin

Une paire de plus à cirer, non merci !( lol )

Fabien Eliautout

Henry Robert des barres !

Green Devil

Does it actually support itself? I love it

Arturo Alejandro Medina Varas

Hiper realist

Emilio Rubens Scarpellini Godoy

A little scary

Julianne Greyhouse

it`s a bit drastic!

Beatriz Rodriguez

Me asusta!

Linda LaMarca

Definitely different o m

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