by Rebecca Lyons

Fun Christmas Crafts Made from Pinecones

My son and I had been out for a walk, and he had been talking about different nature things he was learning at school so as we spotted some cones while out I said to him why don’t we collect some and perhaps we could be creative with them and make some animals. He was so excited and kept asking for days what animals we could do, (they were quite damp so allowed some days for them to dry out properly).

The natural shape the made after drying was excellent for making the mouse and hedgehog. We used pipe cleaners, buttons for eyes or craft eyes I had in the house. Bamboo for the spikes of the hedgehog.

Turkey was made up of 3 pine cones that were a little damaged each but when placed together worked ideal for the head and body. We painted the head red and added some felt for the feet and tail feathers and pipe cleaners for extra feathers. Also, some colored craft balls from the house to emphasize the Turkeys head.

The Christmas Tree’s were just cones painted green with craft felt shapes and woolen balls added as decorations for the tree. All things attached to cones were attached with a hot glue gun. I would advise an adult for this but kids can have so much fun doing the painting and deciding what goes where and what to make. Other glues would work just as well. Great fun to be had for both your children and yourself.
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