Giant Coffee Cups from Repurposed Tyres


Isn’t that cute ! Perfect to use as planters in the garden !


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Cori Dahl-Myles
Cori Dahl-Myles

I love these! Valerie Stokes check this out :)

Laura Lussac

Mdr trop !

Joe Miholic

can’t get more white trash than this

freida botsnhell
freida botsnhell
Reply to  Joe Miholic


Nath Pilloud

si t’as envie de transformer ta pelouse en pays d’alice aux merveilles!!!

Michelle Barnes

Very cool :-)

Angela Baquerizo Thorsen

lovely to see

Jacqueline Hughes

I want these in the back yard

Jo N Trev Hibbert

Wendy Pearce maybe this for Karen and Julie.

Darren Griffin
Darren Griffin

That’s my Monday morning breakfast sorted.

Linda Casto

What will they think of next?!

Pouf le Ouf

Je verrais bien ça chez vous Delphine Delabre…

Jennifer Madison

Laura Lussac ils n y ont pas pensé les langoinais !

Susan Paas

Great idea!

Sylvie Laframboise

Regardé maman, c’est original.loll

Lyn Berriman

Anli Van Der Meulen how cute!!!


Que bonitas quedan en el jardín de una casa. Son hermosas.


where are your directions to make these cute garden accessories? I’m most interested in what you have used for the saucer.

Reply to  Melodie

Hey Melodie! It looks like the innertube of the tire. After being painted Im sure it is stiff enough to make it look structured like that.

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