by Johnny Classick

A New Graffiti Art Form

I love Graffiti and want to do my part but my skills arent the same as your everyday Graffiti artist. I wanted to do something new and something that hasnt been done. Using a spraycan for all of my painting needs I use the empty spraycans to create new beautiful pieces of art, with the simple idea of enter beauty, I add mended rose to its center which are crafted from the metal of the spraycans themselves. Not just that I give them all a fresh new paint job and put them on the stands on which they belong on. The phrase I use most often when discribing my art is “Spraycans can make beautiful art but its the spraycan itself that has the real beauty.”

A New Graffiti Art Form 3 • Recycled Art


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We think this is a beautiful piece of art. We like the picture and the flower.


This is AMAZING!!!!

johnny classick

thank you for your kind words, theres more on my art page. please take a moment as see more….


Well….I like them. I like them very much. I wonder what it would look like with the can on its side and the flower projecting/shooting/clawing(perhaps)its way out of the can. The can could be using its arms or intestines or whatever the shredded metal represents and fight to keep the flower inside. I dunno. It’s beautiful work. Very moving. Thank you for sharing.

Elysa Hemi Skye Christian

Idk why but this shouts you Em! ?

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