by Jerry Van Vleet

Grandpas Chair

This grandpas chair is made from an old thrashing machine. This has been in my head since I was a kid (I finally made it)! This chair was made with Grand Pa in mind. A place for the stories to come alive those old tales of the past or the ones fresh in from the field there is plenty of room for any age. The arms & foot are made from scrub oak which adds to its massive feel with a steel penny inlaid in the armrest, just begging for a rub “a penny for your thoughts” is a must and perfect to get the storytelling started, Snuggle into the steel color dyed leather with wheat motif embroidery to resemble the workings of these massive bread winners of American history, while hanging out rest assured your safe with the base made from the main auger with plenty of gearing details & drive chain too host any daydream.

Wheat back chair side view
Wheat back chair bottom view
1Wheat back chair embossing


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Hip Urban Green via Facebook

Awesome ;)

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