Happy Birthday Recyclart !


It’s not an auto congratulation, but today is not our valentine day ! 4 years ago exactly, we started a new blog dedicated to creativity, and it was called Recyclart. We wanted to spread the world brilliant ideas based on reusing, recycling, repurposing, and whatever re-something….

Today, we are really proud of the work done with almost 2600 posts, 7500 comments, and so many readers around the world ! Your feedbacks gave us the strenght to carry on everyday.

4 years is long, but it’s like we started yesterday. Often, we discussed that we had shared so many things  that it would be impossible to find new ideas. But thank to your creativity, we keep being surprised everyday. It’s always the same pleasure to share your contributions !

So for us, it’s now obvious that we’ll do “4 more years” ! And we are open to any advice you’d like to give us on the content we present !

Thank you so much and carry on sharing our work !

And if you want to know a little more about us, you can go to Silent Springs and read our little interview !

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Don't Toss It via Facebook

Happy Birthday – thanks for all the creativity!! <3

gille monte ruici

happy birthday and as you write: lets go 4 more years !

Susan Kirby via Facebook

OMG!! Just found your site and I’m palpitating! So many good ideas!!! A very happy site birthday to you!

Great Upcycle and DIY Ideas via Facebook

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Great stuff!

Melinda Rózsa via Facebook

Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday !!!

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