Harvest Table

I made this from salvaged barn wood (I actually stopped a guy from burning the barn to grab stuff and save it) I left the edges raw because the shape was amazing! the wood accessories were made from the rest of the wood score. Then I found old metal cafe chairs on FreeCycle and recovered the seats with vinyl scraps for a local awning company. The only investment for the whole thing was some brass screws and staples for the chairs.

harvest table stained and sealed

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Joanne willoughby
Joanne willoughby

Wow this is beautiful! No kidding when we renovated our 300 year old house this is what the “studs” in the walls looked like. Just rough boards with bark still on the edges.
Great job on the table and chairs.




I have been thinking how should my garden table look like for quite some time now, and it looks like I found the answer. Just like this! It look very good, so natural, just the table you want to have in your garden.

Teresa Leno
Teresa Leno

Gorgeous table! Thanks for sharing!

Susana Graciela Fernandez

Me encanta

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