by Teodosio Sectio Aurea

The Heart Upcycled Interpretations Using Mixed Media

Teodosio Sectio Aurea restructures our perception of the world around us and in us with his Upcycled Heart Sculptures. Through his innovative approach, he shows us how recycling can become Art!

Put a twist on what you know and make Heart Art with your Upcycled Ideas

The artist creates a series of geometric and mechanical hearts only using recyclable materials. With a focus on intricate detail and aesthetic value, he breathes new life into discarded items. He includes old electrodes, sheet metal, ball bearings, spare car parts, electrical equipment, and anything else you can imagine! So, set your heart free and let the artist’s imagination inspire your next creation!

Heart art is represented here by a water pump, turbo pump, and other miscellaneous pieces of cars to create a realistic, yet artistic version of the heart.
Since the heart is a pump, why not use a water pump, or a turbo, or something similar to represent it? Add tubing, plumbing, and more, and you’ve got a fantastic mechanical representation of the body part!
Where does love reside? In the head or the heart?
We also think that love resides in the organ, as this sculpture hints.
An upcycled spiral staircase with the Heart marching upward.
This spiral staircase sculpture is beautiful on its own, but then the artist adds a twist!
More heart sculptures made out of different car parts.
More automotive-themed sculptures of our most vital organ.
This sculpture depicts the heart in graphic serial novel style.
This sculpture could be worthy of the best graphic artist’s version!
And the watch was a heart!
Tick Tock. . .

Put some NON-PC thought into custom engraving! Make a Crazy Wooden Bouncy Bench – we’ve got a DIY Video Tutorial!

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