At Recyclart, we love lights & lamps, so we’ve made an extensive selection of lights made of recycling and upcycling. So will your next light be made from recycling? You should if you want to have a unique one!

Colorful Lights

By Neodim

Nice installation in London. Nice contrast between the grey of the city and the colorful lights ! ++ Here

Lamponi’s Lamps

By Neodim

Is there a need to present again Mr Lamponi’s lamps made with old Vespas, Lambretta (as in the picture) and other bikeparts ?

Petit Gervais Lamp

By Neodim

++ via Craftster

Tea Lights

By Neodim

Lights made of tea cups ! Very interesting result. Made by Domestic Construction.

The Glasses Chandelier

By Neodim

Take all pairs of glasses you can find in the second-hand stores, and with a lot of imagination and work, you can maybe do as Stuart Haygarth who is creating […]

Cans Light

By Neodim

Once you have finished your favorite beverage, then now it’s possible to reuse it for lightning!

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