by Nina Wiklund

Tealights Of Teatins

Do you have empty teatins hanging around in your cupboard? Remake them into tealights ;) I´ve washed and removed all labels. Then used a hammer and a nail and created a natural pattern on each side. Come to think of it, I could have made the design a bit more challenging ;) But you get the idea and use your imagination. I filled the tin with wooden letter blocks while making the model, just to prevent the tin from losing its shape entirely. It does look like it has been brutally hammered, but it goes with the package when you remake things. Unless you have the professional tools, you could drill the holes, but I wanted to use things that most people have at home. And so far most people I know are drill-less).

Tealights Of Teatins 1 • Lamps & Lights

Tealights Of Teatins 2 • Lamps & Lights

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Green Issues by Agy via Facebook

Nice! Would work with biscuit tins too!

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