Recycled Furniture

Furniture are more often reused than recycled or upcycled, but there are many ways to recycle or upcycle them by breaking down old furniture to find a new life as other products. In this category, you will find hundred of inspirations to reuse and even to recycle, upcycle or customize your old furniture or to make some new furniture from recycled materials.

Bench Made Of A Damaged Futon Frame

By Neokentin

Reused a solid wood futon frame – found outside – and converted it into a 3-seat bench. Actually 2 Benches!

Chaise Végétalisée / Planter Chairs

By Neokentin

My husband and I work as a duo! We have recovered some old chairs, and we’ve assembled some parts. For this, we used pieces of several seat backs. Then, we made […]

Radiator into Lounge Seat by Cnc Music Factory

By Neokentin

CNC Music Factory designed a lounge chair called ‘Radiator Lounge’ and made out of an old radiator. We already showcased a chair made from a recycled radiator (here), or a […]

Green Devil - Chair Woven With Upcycled Belts

By GreenDevil

This chair is a reclaimed chair that has been fixed, painted and upholstered to the highest standard. The Duck-egg blue color sets off the main seat. The seat is a […]

Old Apple Laptop Keys Upcycled into Amazing Tabletops

By Neokentin

Apple is well-known for creating some of the world’s best-designed laptops, but as for any electronic devices, what happens when those computers reach the end of their lifespan? Design studio VicoloPagliaCorta from […]

Upcycled Furniture From Old Tires, Oil Drums & Bike Parts

By Neokentin

Furniture made out of used and discarded tires, oil drums, and bicycle parts: We recently came across an incident where we saw tires being burnt and when inquired the owner […]

1950s Circa Chair Makeover with 12 Upcycled Leather Belts

By Gerry Mckenna

It is a circa 1950’s chair I found in a bit of a mess, I gently sanded to remove some paint and marks, but I have left the original patina, […]

Coffee Table From an Upcycled Massey Ferguson Tractor

By Neokentin

This beautiful and more than original coffee table has been made by Smithers of Stamford. It is made by upcycling parts from an old Massey Ferguson Tractor and was upgraded […]

New Back for My Beach Chair's

By malena skote

New back made of plastic bands (that comes around packages), old shoe and cotton laces, many of them found on the beach.

Ottomans & Storage Boxes Made From Recycled Wood

By lesurfurniture

Lesurfurniture use reclaimed wood that would normally be sent to landfill sites to be burnt or buried. The wood is then carefully handcrafted into bespoke window seats, log storage, ottomans […]

I Am Not a Bath, I Am Upcycled Outdoor Seats

By Neokentin

Helen Stephenson is making a splash with her new collection of outdoor seating. The everyday bath has been upcycled and transformed with beautiful intricate mosaic patterns and sparkling mirror tiles. Using reclaimed chrome tubular frames from office chairs and waterproof seat cushions upholstered in discarded umbrella fabric, I am not a Bath invites the viewer to immerse in the upcycle ethos.

Cardboard Tubes & Old Vinyls for a Rock & Rolls Table

By Bafouille

This table is made with old vinyl fixed on both sides of cardboard tubes. The table leg is “painted black, black as night, black as coal”.


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