Recycled Furniture

Furniture are more often reused than recycled or upcycled, but there are many ways to recycle or upcycle them by breaking down old furniture to find a new life as other products. In this category, you will find hundred of inspirations to reuse and even to recycle, upcycle or customize your old furniture or to make some new furniture from recycled materials.

Singer Sewing Table Reconverted / Recycled as Makeup Table

By jonasscheck

The old furniture/objects are usually made to last a very long time and incredibly beautiful, they often lose they purpose and become more an object of decoration, I am then […]

Not Politically Correct Engraving Stainless Steel Cutlery

By gille monte ruici

I recycle forks and knives in a particular way. We can easily find cutlery communities in second hands markets. Most often they are in stainless steel so easy to burn. […]

How My Friend's Old Dresser Became My New Buffet

By boreidesign

My friend was ready to toss an old dresser but at the last minute snapped a picture and asked if I wanted it. Of course I did!

Diy: Waste Less 'rake-let' Pallet Chair

By studiomuda

Studiomuda is releasing a free download file with the instructions to build its new furniture piece “Rake-let.”

The 'waste Less' Rockin Chair by Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop

By Neokentin

The ‘Waste Less’ chair by Hungarian Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop is a unique and modern chair made from the waste remaining of reclaimed oak timber logs after being processed to wood beams. The […]

Amazing Copper Piping Chair by Brc Designs

By Neokentin

This amazing chair is called American Pipe Dream Chair and it was designed by BRC Designs, a company founded by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, based in Inman (USA). The main goal of BRC Designs is […]

Leslie's Recycled Table Clocks

By dpcreativespace

We spent a lot of time at our kitchen table ….

Books Into Stool

By Neokentin

What to do with old books, nobody wants to read any more. Well, you can make a wonderful stool out of them!

The Trouble With Cats & The Making Of A Pickle Juice Chair

By Upcycled Design Lab

Would you ever consider recovering your furniture with twine, pickle juice, and gelatin? No? Well, I probably wouldn’t have thought of it either if it hadn’t been for my cats.

Old2new Designs: Recycled Furniture

By Neokentin

I am a Melbourne, furniture designer. At old2new I design and create unique pieces of furniture that stand out in a flooded furniture market. Using discarded metal and timber my […]

Bench Made Of A Damaged Futon Frame

By Neokentin

Reused a solid wood futon frame – found outside – and converted it into a 3-seat bench. Actually 2 Benches!

Chaise Végétalisée / Planter Chairs

By Neokentin

My husband and I work as a duo! We have recovered some old chairs, and we’ve assembled some parts. For this, we used pieces of several seat backs. Then, we made […]


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