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Ikea Hackers Idea

Ikea Hackers Idea Recycled Furniture Wood & Organic

Ikea Hackers Idea Recycled Furniture Wood & Organic

For this simple but clever idea, you’ll need :

– two second-hand Ikea Bertil chairs

– a circular handsaw to cut the seats in half

– 2 to 4 hours.

++ All explanations here

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Carrie B
Carrie B

If you wanted to just repurpose one chair, you could turn the seat of the chair around and have one space to hang and another, smaller table to put items (phone, keys, wallet). Great idea! Love IKEA Hacker.

Bart H
Bart H

wall-hacks omg :P
Awesome Idea, to bad I always have way to many clothes to fit on 2 chairs


Fun Stuff!

Jan D.
Jan D.

perfect idea – my chairs get used for clothes hangers my than sitting!

Jan D.
Jan D.

perfect idea – my chairs get used for clothes hangers my than sitting! Saves space too!


My cats would love to sleep on those chairs, especially when clothes are hung on them to make a little hiding place. I love this idea: it is art AND it solves that pesky problem of what to do with the clothes you take off at bedtime and don’t want to hang up or put in the laundry — keeps them off the floor.

Carrie Ballou Racine
Carrie Ballou Racine

and the function would be?

Irena Razinger

tu put your clothes on, before you go to bed

Johanne Turpin
Johanne Turpin

This just confuses me – what is the purpose of this, perhaps i am missing it.

Shnifty re-do
Shnifty re-do

great place to store a surfboard

Izabela Dyrda

ale ładne i funkcjonalne:)

Kourosh Rahimi
Kourosh Rahimi


Mary Orcutt Harnish

Blankets or coats

Suzanne Martin Bircher

cutting up usable furniture seems a waste and just novelty

Les Collections Dubreuil inc.

Would be cool if the chairs would insert in the wall and then could be use !

Rolande Fortin

to hang your clothes to dry before to put away?

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