Imacquarium: Turn Your Old G3 Imac Into an Aquarium

Do you have an old G3 iMac computer just sitting around and collecting dust? Why not transform it into a fresh and unique aquarium? Jake Harms recycles them into a home furnishing with a cool new use – a home for your fish!

You can buy a DIY kit at Jake Harms website, or if you are too lazy to make one yourself, you can purchase the iMac already transformed into an iMacquarium. A neat idea for the Apple & Fish lovers!








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Joe Ryder
Joe Ryder

love it

Don Bilger

N…An Aquarium ???…. Wild… ))))

Art McKie

I have an old iconic Mac Classic puter somewhere in house……..bit small perhaps. Love this!

Solveig Originals

Love it, super!!!

Nancy Child

Um didn’t that machine cost a small fortune when it was new? …..

Linda Zolten Wood

oooooh cool

Josie Hart

Daniel Larder-Begley

Daniel Larder-Begley
Reply to  Josie Hart

Those computers are a gem :'( why must people do this waaaa


This looks so good! We also made an iMac fish tank for our office however we decided to join 2 together with a 15cm diameter pipe. Don’t ask how we came up with this idea – like all the best things in life, it was a slow build up ideas over drinks.

The #1 question we get asked is do the fish go through – and yes they do – many many times a day – have a look;

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