Interactive, Happening & Street Art

Wooden Whaler

By Neodim

A fisherman friend helped me join these two derelict cove-boats together to make the WOODEN WHALER.

Watertower from One Thousand Scraps of Colorful Plexiglas and Steel

By Neodim

This watertower was constructed using nearly one thousand scraps of colorful Plexiglas and steel. A tribute to the ‘iconic New York water tower and a symbol of the vibrancy of […]

Kid's Train Made Out Of Recycled Barrels

By Neodim

This idea is so cool ! I don’t know where it was done, so if you have any information, please comment ! ++ Creativespotting

Victorian Toilets of the 1890's Transformed into a Cafe

By Neodim

Apparently establishing restaurants in used-to-be-bathrooms is the new fad. After Earl of Sandwich opened up in Boston Commons in the previous calendar year, Attendant has done the same – only […]

Reduce Reuse Recycle Boogie!

By Neokentin

Tip of the Pops is musical comedy activism and enjoyed by all ages providing renewable energy and entertainment. Tip of the Pops,the antidote to Apple’s ipod, is a subversive and […]

Street Gold App Idea : For the Recyclers !

By Neokentin

Pascal contacted us few times ago to present us its project and we loved it ! Now the project is launched and you can go on SellAnApp in order to […]

13000 Oil Barrels Installation

By Neodim

The indoor installation was completed on April 6, 1999 in the Gasometer Oberhausen and remained until mid-October 1999. The Gasometer, one of the largest gas tanks in the world, 384 […]

Wood Art Pavilion from Recycled Pallets

By Neokentin

Art experimentalist pavilion entirely made from repurposed pallets. location : Cluj-Napoca , Romania date: 29/09/2012

Urban Tuning

By Neokentin

Urban Tuning by  Thor ter Kulve ! “For my graduation I designed a collection of products that reshapes and redefines our public space. By using well known products I want to show […]

Urban Up-knitt-ling

By Neokentin

There is an abundance of things you can do with yarn leftovers. We decided to take them out into the streets! On march 2nd, 2013 we startet an urban knitting […]

New Appartments from Old Gasometers

By Neodim

Constructed in 1896, the four gasometers of Vienna’s Gaswerk Simmering are a marvel of indomitable industrial architecture and innovative modern repurposing. When they were completed in 1899, Vienna’s telescopic gasometers […]

Mobile Pizzeria in a Shipping Container

By Neodim

Del Popolo is a mobile pizzeria designed to bring Neapolitan-inspired pizza to the people, rather than drawing them to a fixed location(San-Francisco). It features a 5,000-lb Stefano Ferrara wood-fired brick […]


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