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From Trash to Treasure

By Neokentin

Artist Patric Rozario was contacted by the Environment Department of The Pearl-Qatar to create an art installation using plastic bottles and bottle caps. He took on this project to create […]

How to Teach Kids to Go Green with Games

By Neokentin

Promoting the benefits of recycling to children is a key to preserving our environment, by explaining to them how it keeps items out of landfills that most of the time […]

Repair Kid Project

By Neokentin

Repair Kid is the project of Cis Deyl. She visits festivals, markets and schools with her (outstanding and cheerful looking, very old camper named ‘Tante’ – that’s Dutch for ‘Aunty’) […]

Food Truck Chic

By Neodim

Food truck chic idea with old ironing boards

Bottle Stage Design Using Plastic Bottles

By Neokentin

To inspire change and have a better world, the Miss Oriental Mindoro Beauty Pageant (Philippines) swimsuit competition stage design was made using materials from the wastestream, mainly recycled plastic bottles.

Car Hoods Repurposed Into Sculpture

By Neokentin

Car hoods repurposed into sculpture in Petaluma, CA.

Mural Art for Breast Cancer Awareness

By Neokentin

This mural was made for breast cancer awareness in Utila, a Honduran island in the Carribean. The logo of the breast cancer team is “Fight like a girl“. The first […]

Disappearing Tree

By Neodim

I was amazed discovering the work done by Daniel Siering and Mario Shu in Potsdam, Germany. ++Street art utopia

Paris Deco Off: Repurposed Lampshades In The Street

By Neodim

For the 5th consecutive year, Paris Deco Off will take place from Thursday 23 to Monday 27 January 2014.  Paris Déco Off will be present on both sides of the river […]

Industrial Space Transformed into Vintage Caravan Hotel

By Neodim

Michael Bonner made his dream comes true with this industrial warehouse revamped into a vintage Basecamp hotel. It’s 15 different restored caravans. each  is thematically designed with familiar details, each […]

Recycled Cork Fireworks

By trashycrafter

If you need a fun patriotic fourth of july craft that is easy, this is perfect for food platters, plant pokes and much more… all you need is paint, some […]

Wooden Whaler

By Neodim

A fisherman friend helped me join these two derelict cove-boats together to make the WOODEN WHALER.

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