Interactive, Happening & Street Art

Grocery Store From Upcycled Packaging Boxes


I created a small grocery store from repurposed empty foods, products of goods boxes, attached with hot glue and clear tapes, its is divided into 15 parts to be install together which make it easy to ship/transport for display.

Shrine: A Torii Gate (Where the Spirits Are More Likely to Hear Your Prayers)

By Benoit Maubrey

SHRINE opens at the Kobe Biennale on September 19th until Nov 23rd 2015 A public interactive sound sculpture that allows the spectators to express themselves and play music and messages […]

Pavilion Constructed out of Broken Umbrellas and Bicycle Wheels

By Neokentin

This architectural canopy is built out of recycled materials by Architects Izaskun Chinchilla as part of the Figment NYC outdoor festival. Named “Organic Growth“, this pavilion is a large structure constructed from discarded […]

Volcano: Eco-design Workshop For Children

By Neokentin

VOLCANO is a workshop/school of eco-design that produces and teaches children, young people and adults to create games and educational toys from post consume packaging and alternative materials. When throwing […]

Street Art Created with Recycled Materials By Artur Bordalo

By Neokentin

Artur Bordalo, also known as Bordalo II, is a Portuguese street Artist already well known in Portugal and now around the world for his interesting and amazing street art that incorporates […]

Hector Protector: Giant Reclaimed Wood Sculpture by Thomas Dambo in Puerto Rico

By Neodim

Here is a really positive project to start with : Thomas Dambo is a danish artist/musician with a master in design, who works to create art and useful things of old […]

Happy New Year 2015 !

By Neodim

Hello dear readers, we hope you’ve been good in 2014, and that you are rested and ready for the new year 2015. Please do remember that “good resolutions are simply […]

“shutup” Instalación

By Neokentin

Tras la idea de singularizar a través del arte, un barrio de estrato bajo como es el de La Paz (Barranquilla. Colombia), para contribuir a su desarrollo. Surge la instalación […]

Soda Cans 1930’s Pick-up

By Opensources

The association Open Sources is transforming a 2012 truck into a 1930’s American pick-up. This project was done for the dance biennale of Lyon. A social and ethic project realized […]

Clip It: Educational, Creative and Sustainable Game, 90% Upcycled!

By Neokentin

Clip it is a creative assembly game, 90 % made out of plastic screw caps you already own. (soda, water, milk, juice…). We only provide the ‘key’ to assemble caps […]

The Social Lamellaphone – A Unique Musical Instrument

By Neokentin

The social lamellaphone is a unique acoustic instrument for experimental music making and exploration of cooperative creativity. 
Derived from the musical technology of the familiar African ‘thumb piano’ (ie kalimba, […]

Street Art Conversion with Pallets

By Neodim

Here is one of the best examples of social work done with recycled objects and materials. This kind of street art gives a complete new life to No Man’s Land. […]

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