by Cyril Latapy

Iron String, Coffee Table Hot Couture

All is recycled pieces found on a construction site dumpster.


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Beatrix B. Mayeux

Brett Baker – I’d like to see your version of this.

Brett Baker

Yes, yes, I have some ideas, that would take a ton of wire. Hmmmmm, I actually have something at home, that is a round end table, that I could add my wiring too. hmmmm, you definitely got me thinking and inspired. Now finding the time to experiment, that and make one you can actually put drinks on without spilling or falling over. :) Thank you for this, you got me thinking in another direction. I will be posting some new wire stuff, I’ve been working on tomorrow, if it keeps raining today and I get off of work. I got… Read more »

Beatrix B. Mayeux

I’m sure it will amazing!

Michael Florencio Citra

easy to get dirt and hard to clean

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