by Anne Courie-meulink

Jar Of Bracelets

I taught jewelry making camp to a dozen 10-year-olds and was looking for some projects that could be easily duplicated at home.

I watched a video on cutting plastic bottles into sections, creating a smooth edge by sanding, ( I just trimmed up the edges with scissors), and placing the edge against a warm iron. The edges will curl under. Then paint the inside with nail polish. I decided after making a sample using nail polish as paint, lovely as it turned out, that the fumes from the polish would drive us out of the studio. So I started experimenting with paper and Clear adhesive. My jar of bracelets was made using bleeding tissue paper that had been used to stain some drawing paper, and after the staining process is most ofter is thrown away.The jar makes a beautiful night light when a string of batter operated lights are inside.

The jar makes a nice nightlight when a string of battery operated lights are inside.

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John Inka Brink

Shred your own plastic then reform it using a thermapress made from an old oven … Scrapblasters!

Beth Elle

This is beautiful – I would never have thought to use plastic jars for making bracelets. I will have to try it

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