Keyboard Chair

Xan and Pablo redesign furniture and objects from things found in the garbage, always with a little sense of humor and fun.



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Angéla Berényi via Facebook

it might be wery comfortable .. D:

Neary Wach via Facebook
Neary Wach via Facebook

though people around me don`t show much enthusiasm, my office chair looks almost the same in a way… ^^

Stefan Bumbaru via Facebook

mmm the keytronic soft touch…

John P. Weiksnar via Facebook
John P. Weiksnar via Facebook

Will it still work if you spill coffee on it? . . .

Xan Tataxan via Facebook

you can find this chair and more products in the catalogue at

Built by ben

Help you remember any one of your 200 + passwords..

Is it a USB connection?

Nathalioeufs Luchier

une chaise de massage moderne!!!

Fred Sena Designs
Fred Sena Designs

Looks adorable… but I wonder how comfortable it is. Chair auto-massage? :)

France Evrard Lejeune

cool quand tu t’assieds avec un short! ;)

Terry Robinson

Weird idea!

Vanessa Brunet

Pas top confortable

Philipp Devlin

Sorry! Not my type ?

Billy Hart


Donna Appleby

Well that’s truly hideous…l

Marie-Rose Baboin

c’est confortable ?

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