Lartsi, To Give Another Birth To Objects

LartSi (Life, Art, Transformation, Recycling, Sustainability and Innovation) was born in Barcelona. This company is a website on which a lot of artists sell their products, their artistic works created with recycled materials.
From a sofa created with egg boxes to a lamp created with BIC’pens, LartSi proposes an original and innovative concept.

On one hand, LartSi allows people to buy artistic and environmental-friendly works on its website. On the other hand, LartSi offers the opportunity to decorate or to redecorate public or private places with transformed or recycled materials.

LartSi is trying to propose a new way of decoration and this represents the most important difference compared to the big , huge industrial companies. The objects are unique and inimitable. That is why it will seduce a lot of people.

We are aware that we have still a lot of things, improvements and efforts to do.






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Claudine Colliaux

Ils sont heureux tous les deux passé une bonne journée

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