Last-minute Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Preparing your home for the upcoming holidays can sure be quite challenging especially when they are just few days ahead. Despite the otherwise difficult looking task to fully decorate your house from cozy fall-beauty to spooky bat nest, it will take you no more than few hours to and a pair of crafty hands.

Here are a bunch of pretty gorgeous DIY Halloween decor projects, to inspire you.

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DIY Painted Pumpkins


How to do it:

All you got to do is use your imagination. Geometric shapes seem to look the best on and when used various glitter and paint colors, the pumpkins usually become stunningly beautiful. From spooky to modern, this tutorial has it all!

DIY Tutorial for Halloween Glitter Pumpkins


  • Small decorative pumpkins
  • Glitter is different colors
  • Liquid adhesive

How to do it:

Creating these gorgeous glitter pumpkins is as simple as you can imagine. Equip yourself with the materials listed above and prepare your workspace by spreading a couple of newspapers on the table to make sure you won’t make a huge mess. Dissolve a bit of the liquid adhesive in lukewarm water and dampen one of the pumpkins in the adhesive. Then, put it in a big bowl filled with glittering particles and make sure to cover the whole pumpkin with glitter. Leave it on the newspaper to dry and continue with the others.

Alternative Halloween Decoration With Spooky Printable

If craftiness is not your thing, don’t worry. In case you have some glue and a printer around, you can take advantage of the millions of free Halloween decor printable and give your home a touch of spookiness within few hours.

Last-minute Halloween Pumpkin Decoration 1 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
Last-minute Halloween Pumpkin Decoration 3 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
Last-minute Halloween Pumpkin Decoration 5 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
Last-minute Halloween Pumpkin Decoration 7 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
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