Plumber Bookshelves

Plumber Bookshelves 1 • Recycled Furniture

Plumber Bookshelves 2 • Recycled Furniture

Plumber Bookshelves 3 • Recycled Furniture

Plumber Bookshelves 4 • Recycled Furniture

Plumber Bookshelves 5 • Recycled Furniture

Great industrial and adaptative design by Stella Bleu design, bookshelves made from recycled plumbers.

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Scott Brown via Facebook
Scott Brown via Facebook

Really Cool!!!

Nancy Flasher
Nancy Flasher

In an effort to teach students about how we can creatively reduce, reuse and recycle materials, I’ve been searching the recyclart webpage for inspiration. Love these book shelves. Very clever, practical and good looking too.

Bonnie Haines via Facebook

Definitely one of my favourite idea’s so far.

Kimberley Levick via Facebook
Kimberley Levick via Facebook

like it a lot, pass the flux.

Beehive Plumbing
Beehive Plumbing

Amazing designs!! I think this is the best use of waste plumbing pipes. I like all of your bookshelf ideas, especially the one with light lamp.

Matt Naylor
Matt Naylor

Cool creativity I must say.. Can you please share the procedure to create these amazing designs at home?

Gill Hamper

Very steampunk

Mad'in Ina


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