Lego Table


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Jolis Corinne
Jolis Corinne


Chairman Ting

Incredibly beautiful! Simple, fun and totally awesome.
I want one!

Shingo Shimizu

Brilliant and beautiful!

pharmacy technician
pharmacy technician

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

Terri Bett via Facebook

Man that is one exspensive table .You have to remortgage your house to get enough lego to build a small house with a brick wall haha I’d insure this for quite abit haha love it though .Mind you I feel the kids in my house may take it apart and use the excuse they were recycling it haha Tx

Stefania Modugno via Facebook
Stefania Modugno via Facebook

…but…are you sure it’s made by recycle?…great idea but lego seems news!

Garbage - Vos poubelles ont du talent via Facebook

So I’d never more walk on those b… 2×2 in the middle of the night :-)

Maholy Alfaro via Facebook
Maholy Alfaro via Facebook

la quiero!!!! super cool

Beth Lewis via Facebook
Beth Lewis via Facebook

omg so many legos wasted!!!

Luchy Lopez via Facebook

la mesa mas cara del mundo

Isabelle Desaulniers via Facebook

Beautiful ! Très beau ! Muy bonito !

Michael Kautzer via Facebook

Do we really need more small tiny pieces of plastic?

Annie Tricoire via Facebook

… souvenir de concours pour certaines !

Belinda 'huggins' Warwick via Facebook

Better in a table than in a landfill or sea


What a cool idea.

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