by Maria Francesca Batzella

Lerènies – Contemporary Paper Jewelry

Made in Italy has been a sign of quality and innovative approach to making design and art for many centuries as well as it still is today. It stands for superb distinct properties, which with time has become its own brand name: Made in Italy.

Handmade means the individual approach to each detail and it has always been the only way to make things. However today in the age of corporations and mass-production the property Handmade becomes the symbol of rare quality of things made with care and attention to each aspect of one project in hand.

Cultural continuity and symbolic awareness means revoking, re-working and preserving ancient symbology and cultural values in the form of contemporary art, therefore maintaining the sacred forms of the past and re-interpreting them for contemporary use.

Recycling and eco-awareness means supporting the Earth and thinking about tomorrow. The more people will understand and share this point of view, the more beautiful and natural will be our lives.

We present to you LerenieS – fine art jewelry handmade in Italy out of recycled paper.

LerènieS started at the end of 2010 as a creative project, which by the end of 2012 has became the recognized brand not only in Italy, but worldwide.

Each of LerenieS creation is unique and treated with individual care as a sculpture. Clean original modern design, evoking ancient “archetypical” symbolism offers another depth of aesthetic interest – immortal sacred shapes which once again become adorned and important. Behind each creation there is a thought, a symbol and a stylish design solution, which is then brought manually to perfection. Exclusive works in which colors and shapes are repeated for their significance and symbolic power: circular, spiral, herringbone forms, as well as corals, animal bones, obsidian, moss, wool, wood, cork and archeological treasures are the keys to open “the doors” of LerènieS inspiration.

Paper is a Precious Gift – states the slogan of LerenieS. Indeed, being one of the most used materials, paper deserves to be recognized for its precious qualities. Light as a feather, but seeming heavy as a rock, paper is a noble material, offering a variety of interesting and creative possibilities. Big part of it is the awareness of recycling: to create unique jewelery not by using materials that are widely considered valuable, but by the symbolic and artistic value reported by each individual piece.



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beautiful work, love it.!!!!

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