Let’s Roll: Audibot Transformer-style Robot

When I discovered an old child’s battery car, a mini-me of my car, it gave me an idea! I created this Audibot – a kid’s ride-on toy that turns into a cool robot! Check out my video below to see my Audibot in action! Children quickly outgrow or tire of toys; they then end up on auction sites or in skips. Maintaining my philosophy of recycling and repurposing I set about creating this assemblage of predominantly junk!

How this Audibot came into existence: my upcycling mentality!

There is great satisfaction in creating your very own unique piece! It becomes far more treasured than something you purchased from a shop. I learned this from a very young age. I spent my time enthusiastically disassembling broken things and salvaging the parts for some project! At that point, necessity was the mother of invention, and I was an inventaholic! This philosophy has served me well as an adult, and I continue to repurpose as much as possible.

Don’t let those old, outgrown kid’s toys go to waste! Turn them into your own Audibot as I did!

I made this Audibot out of all kinds of salvaged items, including old car parts, an upcycled pressure washer, toys, and scrap metal!  The bottom half of the robot needed weight, so this has most of the metal. I used more plastics and lightweight upcycled materials in the upper body to keep it mobile. I found an old Hotwheels toy slime robot, which I utilized for the head and adapted the robot voice by adding a larger speaker. It is motorized by a windscreen wiper motor for the torso and a Nerf gun motor for the mouth. They operate on an adjustable time switch. I completed this project in about four weeks, and the Audibot stands at around 5 1/2 feet tall!

Minds blown - this Audibot is outstanding as both artwork and an example of creative upcycling.
This animated robot has got to be an entry for “Cool Dad of the Year” in our book. :D Nicely done!
This Audibot is made from a ride-upon toy car, a pressure washer and more upcycled parts.
How cool is this? Turn an old, outgrown ride-upon toy car into an over five-foot tall animated upcycled robot!
Let's roll! Turn an old riding car into a transforming Audibot.
This interactive street art is amazing upcycling. Turn this pile of scrap pieces into an animated transforming-style robot!
If you make your own Audibot, use the heavier parts for the base to make it stable, and the lightweight plastics for the upper portion of the creation.
I utilized more of the weightier parts for the base to create a stable platform for my robot.


This sculpture turns inanimate objects into a beautiful representation of Connection! Make some indoor fun for your kitties with this


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