Little Chicks Wearing Muffin Wrappers as Tutus!

I could not resist in posting this picture… just because little chicks should always wear cupcake sleeves as pleated skirts !



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Patricia Tetzel
Patricia Tetzel

You are sick!! Animals are having a dignity, you know?!! And people give a like to it. This lack of compassion is disgusting!

Deirdre Lewis Mason


France Evrard Lejeune

c’est quoi ce délire!!!! ;(((

Nikki Petter

And now we dance!

Nora Touwa

Vous feriez mieux d’enlevez les mots RECYCLER et ART de votre pseudo. Moi je vous dit bye bye.

Reply to  Nora Touwa

Bonjour Nora ! on a près de 4000 posts d’idée recyclage sur notre site depuis le temps, alors on a aussi le droit de s’accorder des sourires non ?

Cathrine Hole-Kvia

Hehehe…. Qute!!

Nicholas Dunn-Coleman
Nicholas Dunn-Coleman

Great photo!

Mandy Howard

muffin wrappers = patty pans

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