Lover Gloves: Smittens

Lover Gloves: Smittens 1 • Clothing

For this Valentine day, nothing is perfect than doing something for the other. Recyclart found you the perfect lover’s accessory. Of course, knitting skills are needed!


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Christina Gens via Facebook
Christina Gens via Facebook

recycl-heart <3

Angie Pogue via Facebook
Angie Pogue via Facebook

Mary Pogue Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Mary Pogue via Facebook

just creepy

Mark H. Rosenberger

Jamie L Oberlin … Denise Taylor … Velda Rosenberger …

Yfronts Smmyth

Jane Plumb…. Here’s a wee project for you :):)

Carolyn Naegeli Slead


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