Lunaire (Monnaie Du Pape) / Lunar Sculpture

Most of my pieces are mainly composed of recycled egg cartons, patina oxide (I do it from vinegar and rust metal), wood branches and driftwood, reclaimed beads and chew paper. 90% of all my sculptures are made from recovered materials found or diverted from their primary function, the remaining 10% (sisal rope, jute, brooch, pearl rivet and pin) are found in thrift stores or from donated stuff, so I hardly buy any new materials.

Materials used: paper mache, brooch, sisal, oxide paint, pellet plant, a currency of the pope, hoop for embroidery.

Matériaux de récupérations: papier mâcher, broche, sisal, peinture oxyde, pastille de la plante, monnaie du pape, cerceau pour broder.


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An awesome piece of art!

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