Recycled Electronic Waste

This category will bring you some interesting ideas and projects made out of recycled electronic components and all kind of e-waste. By recycling computer components into something new, you’ll participate to the decrease of planned obsolescence impacting the electronics industry.

Add Some Bling To Your Table – Placemats From Upcycled Cd’s

By Upcycled Design Lab

I wish I had thought of this project before the Holiday’s. It turned out so sparkly and shiny that it makes me think of New Years Eve.

Recycled Motherboard Into Clock With Dim Arc Light

By Richi

Motherboard Clock : created using old computer parts and accessories. One of the unique creation on the planet!

Old Slide Projector Optics into Design Lamp

By Waldemar Sha

Slide projector made from recycled scrap parts.

Easy Ideas to Recycled & Reuse Old Computer Parts


The technology advances with an incredible speed and clearly, one old computer will be forgotten in a warehouse or garage. You have two alternatives: to bring it in an appropriate container that have most electronics store for industrial recycling, or to the reuse it creatively, creating original decorative or even furniture with parts.

Easy Ideas to Reuse Old Cd’s


We all have somewhere, forgotten in a drawer or cupboard, old and scratched cd’s which we fly every time we organize our music collection or collection of movies. Today I […]

Prehistoric Bird On A Branch Made From Recycled Electronic Components

By Animaux

This unusual bird on a branch is entirely made of old electronic devices. The branch (wall mount) is made from a telephone, a computer speaker and a mount for a […]

Upcycled Cd I Love Lucy Clock

By StarvedRaccoon

I used an old scratched CD, a discarded plastic lid from an “I Love Lucy” series box and a clock kit to make this timepiece. I wanted to create a […]

Carpet Made From Recycled Wires

By Neokentin

It has just spent 14 years in the century, and the advancement of science in all fields is incredible. But still we do not know what to do with the […]

Skulls Made Out Of Upcycled & Melted Cassette Tapes

By Neokentin

Cassette tapes are not dead…or at least when used as raw materials for sculptures. Atlanta-based artist, Brian Dettmer use outdated cassette tapes and transform them into skulls. It’s a way […]

Horse Sculpture Decoration Made With Old Cds & Dvds

By Neokentin

I was asked to decorate a horse sculpture. I decided to create a seahorse with acrylic paint and old CDs and DVDs.

10 Creative Ways Of Upcycling Keyboard Keys

By Neokentin

What do you do with your old keyboard when it stops working? You take it to a recycling center in order to dismantle it and hope it will be recycled […]

Phone Lamp

By Neokentin

Eco lamp made ​​from phone parts found in the scrap. Lights up very nicely and has an unconventional look. All Upcycled parts.

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