Recycled Electronic Waste

This category will bring you some interesting ideas and projects made out of recycled electronic components and all kind of e-waste. By recycling computer components into something new, you’ll participate to the decrease of planned obsolescence impacting the electronics industry.

2017 Karaoke Torii Interactive Public Sculpture

By Benoit Maubrey

An interactive public sculpture

Bluetooth Speaker from an Old Radio

By Neokentin

I just found this old Soviet transistor radio, and it was in not working condition, so I decided to convert it into something useful instead of throwing it out as an e-waste object. I searched a lot about the topic, and I tried to create a Bluetooth speaker from it.
I’d like to show you how I saved and gave a second life to this guy! Hope you like this idea and, you can upgrade and reuse your radio or anything else! If you have a radio and want to be converted, just let me know!

Saved and Refurbished Radios

By Semashke

As you may know, I am a nature person. I always recycle trash and try to save stuff from being thrown away. So, I came up with this idea of refurbishing stuff which is on it’s way to the landfill!

Computer Bugs

By smashupstudio

We take recycled motherboards and turn them into Art!

Wal(L) King Back Home

By marcopisano

City control

Diy Techlaration

By Soikkeli

It’s easy to forget existing surveillance cameras after you have seen them. It feels natural. But when the camera looks like something you have used to be relaxing and soothing element it turns into an annoying element.

Birthday Present From Old Computer Parts

By five.factorial

I created this birthday present for my wife. I wanted to make something unique and original. I had this idea to use old computer parts (I am software engineer) to […]

Elektro-cities: Cities from Electronic Parts

By bouslama.chamakh

And if our cities were just electronic parts assembly … (personal project). Et si nos villes n’étaient qu’un assemblage de pièces électroniques… (projet personnel)

Lamp From Recycled Cd’s

By Neokentin

Recycled lamp with pieces of CD painted and put in the oven.

Make Art, Not Waste: Recycled Characters Out Of Electronic Waste

By fadyucf

The concept here is to keep electronic waste out of the environment by making these up-cycled characters using static and rigid shapes of digital components to give a second life to objects that can be transformed into living characters to tell a story even in one shot.

Arena: A Speakers Sculpture

By Benoit Maubrey

An entire stage out of recycled e-waste. This “stage” is a public place for self-expression.

Old Apple Laptop Keys Upcycled into Amazing Tabletops

By Neokentin

Apple is well-known for creating some of the world’s best-designed laptops, but as for any electronic devices, what happens when those computers reach the end of their lifespan? Design studio VicoloPagliaCorta from […]

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