by Maria

Lamp From Recycled Cd’s

With tape on the side of the metallic paint, you’re starting all over, as if depilates. Cut it into squares and then, you paint one side with acrylic or tempera color you like and you put another up, make a sandwich.

Encendés the oven and on a plate lined with aluminum foil sandwich ponés CD. In less than 4 minutes they are ready. The CD melt and stick together. Let it cool and take off the paper. This action generates no smoke or odor.


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Vivi Vin

I use them to decorate the CD’s that I paint too.

Sandra Arguello
Reply to  Vivi Vin

I dont understand the process

Deby Beran
Deby Beran

The directions aren’t detailed enough and read like English as a second language. This wasn’t worth looking at.


Yeah Debby, don’t be a 8===D

Reply to  YourMom

That means dick in case you’re not intelligent enough to understand the reference…

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