by Patty Thurlby

Sweetheart Dolls From Heart-shaped Lids

Save the lids from those candy boxes and upcycle them into fun Sweetheart Dolls! You need 20 gauge wire, necklace beads, a bit of paper and a face. I used a molded paper clay face but any 1.5″ face will do. Make this gift idea personal and use a photograph of a loved one!  Upcycle craft supplies you have in your hobby room or she-shack now!

Enjoy the candy and save the packaging by turning it into Sweetheart Dolls!

These Sweetheart Dolls are a great idea to do with the grandkids!
Print out some heart-shaped candies with your favorite words and begin decorating these little dolls!
Sweetheart Dolls are made with commonplace items already in your craft room.
Upcycle materials you have in your craft room already, such as washi tape, any beads of your choice, crafting wire, and any other items you wish to add.
Use clay faces or pretty faces from magazines for your Sweetheart Dolls.
Use pretty faces from magazines, or clay faces.
Use leftover craft wire to make the limbs & neck for your Sweetheart Dolls.
Use leftover craft wire to make the limbs and neck for your dolls.

Use craft wire to make the limbs and neck of your Sweetheart Dolls.

Cover the wire with a decorative piece of paper to keep the Sweetheart Dolls looking pretty.


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