Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallet is trendy and this is understandable, they are cheap (near free), versatile, robust and it’s a good raw material to make furniture & accessories, moreover it’s not too difficult to work with wooden pallets. Discover hundreds of ideas and projects made from recycled and repurposed wooden pallets!

Side Wall For Ivar With Pallet Wood

By Ronja Lotte

IVAR shelving by IKEA is already a great thing but I always missed the side walls, so I built some myself and I also pimped my IVAR with a fresh coat of paint.

Furniture From Pallets In Poland

By Neokentin

My ideas of tables made from repurposed pallets.

Extendable Pallet Table with Matching Bench & Coffee Table

By Karl Crosby

I love to push what I can do with recycled pallets and other so called throw away materials.

Create From a Crate – an Australian Upcycling Woodwork Competition

By Neokentin

Over 40 of Australia’s most talented woodworkers, designers and makers have risen to the challenge of making a beautiful object or furniture piece from two rough and discarded timber pallets.

Wall Decoration Made From Recycled Pallets

By Neokentin

We covered one wall of your living room with wooden pallets. For this, we used only standard pallet size that we dismantled with a pallet buster. The result delights us! […]

Upcycled Pallets Into Bed & Sofa


Wooden pallet is one of the raw materials that can be used to make a lot of DIYs and, most of them are country or rustic style. Today I will share […]

Wine Racks Made From Recycled Pallet Wood


A mini wine rack, can be simultaneously decorative and organizational – a practical idea and also a great gift for people who love handmade items and wine. Today I recommend […]

Party Table From Pallet At Christmas Market In Bratislava

By Retromoderna

This table for quick snack made from the pallet I have found at the Christmas market in Bratislava (Slovakia). It could be nice inspiration for thouse who like to organise garden party or grill party and need the place for food, bottles, candles, decorations etc… wihout buying new garden furniture. Great idea for industrial interiors!

Christmas Trees From Upcycled Wooden Pallets


Pallet Christmas trees can be used to decorate any style of home because you can create different styles by using the same form. White Christmas tree: Color the pallet tree […]

Coffee Bean Burlap Flag & Pallet Wood Flag


I used a Coffee Bean Burlap bag and a piece of scrap live edge cedar to make the 1776 Flag. I hand painted it. The Pallet Wood Flag is hand […]

Modern Minimal Office Design With Repurposed Pallets


During the last years, the biggest trend in home decoration and design is to recycle and reuse old and often useless or heterogeneous materials in any form. In Amsterdam, the […]

Children’s Room Decoration With Recycled Pallets

By paletesarteedesign

This was one of the works that made ​​us very happy to perform. We try to create a very private setting for our “small client” can enjoy and enjoy playing […]

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