Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallet is trendy and this is understandable, they are cheap (near free), versatile, robust and it’s a good raw material to make furniture & accessories, moreover it’s not too difficult to work with wooden pallets. Discover hundreds of ideas and projects made from recycled and repurposed wooden pallets!

Stylish Pallet Wood Shelf Idea Into Useful Coat Racks

By ilove2make

Check out this beautiful, rustic, Stylish Pallet Wood Shelf! This coat rack also has spacing between each plank to let the wall color pop through which is kind of cool. […]

Pallet Wood & Bed Slats Upcycled into Comfortable Chair

By Opensources

This upcycled chair is made from repurposed pallets slats for the structure, bed slats for the seat and curtain rods. It was made in the city of Dunkerque (France) with the […]

Christmas Trees Made with Recycled Materials

By Neokentin

In our company “Aguas de Gondomar” we build the Christmas trees using waste materials such as wooden pallets and other components of the water supply network that are no longer used.

Christmas Tree from Repurposed Pallet

By Retromoderna

This year I decided not to underestimate Christmas decorating of our house. My kids have really enjoyed the whole process. I tried to reuse what I already had at home. […]

Diy: How to Make a Pallet Wood Planter Box

By Neokentin

This planter made from recycled pallet wood is an easy project that you could make in one day and for a cost near to nothing. Pallet wood is easy to […]

Diy: Waste Less ‘rake-let’ Pallet Chair

By studiomuda

Studiomuda is releasing a free download file with the instructions to build its new furniture piece “Rake-let.”

My Recycled Pallet Projects


We use to make our furniture mainly recycled pallet & reclaimed wood.

5 Pallets Armchair

By kanakarakis

If you want to make the same one you must find 5 EURO pallets and 4 small wheels for chairs with stoppers a chasing tool and few bolts and much […]

7 Beautiful Pallet Furniture You Can Materialize in a Weekend

By Homesthetics

A wonderful time we live in. We have access to raw materials, power tools, we can construct pretty much everything that desires with ease, in the comfort of our home, […]

Coffee Table Made from a Couple of Old Pallets

By Neokentin

I made this coffee table from reclaimed pallet materials. It had taken me about 4 hours or more but came out great.

Day Of The Dead Wall Hanging From Repurposed Pallet Wood

By Gerry Mckenna

Day of the dead wall art with shelf, finished with gold leaf.

Water Fountain From Recycled Pallet Wood

By Dario Mulassano

Not a big deal. Just collect all the left-over, cut pieces from other pallet projects and glued them together. Wrapped it around an existing water plumb pipe and added a […]

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