Recycled Vinyl Records Rock Your Interior Design!

Cb Vinyl Record Art creates pieces of art made of 100% Recycled Vinyl Records!

Upcycle and have unique home decor pieces with these Recycled Vinyl Records

We offer a decorative object that is both vintage and modern. We recycle scratched or damaged vinyl records to give them a new life in the form of a work of art in itself. Our pieces are atypical, original, of high quality and especially, “Made In France”!

On Monday, April 10th, 2017, our collective launched its project to create pieces of art on the funding platform Kickstarter. Now we are up and running, and hope you will continue to support our vision!

Recycled Vinyl Records feature various unique designs that are carved into upcycled records

Recycled Vinyl Records include images such as this origami carving.

A mountain range as one of the Recycled Vinyl Records.

A south-western cow skull makes a beautiful Recycled Vinyl Records piece.

A Hipster Recycled Vinyl Records piece.

Spin it, DJ! This Recycled Vinyl Records features a sculpture of a person wearing headphones.

Blues Road Recycled Vinyl Records.

Zebra carving Recycled Vinyl Records.

An Eye sculpture carved into Recycled Vinyl Records.

Here’s another fun idea to upcycle those old records – Turn your bathroom into a Rock & Roll Shrine!  Make a unique shelving unit that features wine crates as drawers!


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