by Prashant Lingam

Upcycled Furniture From Old Tires, Oil Drums & Bike Parts

Furniture made out of used and discarded tires, oil drums, and bicycle parts:

  1. We recently came across an incident where we saw tires being burnt. When inquired, the owner said he had no other solution to discard scrap tires; hence the idea of utilizing scrap tires for making furniture and other value-added products originated.
  2. Being a social enterprise working on green livelihoods, we decided to collect waste tires in an efficient, environmentally sound, and socially responsible manner and address tires entering waste streams and landfills. Utilizing/disposing of scrap tires is a global problem.
  3. Discarded tires are an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, and other disease-carrying insects as they are hollow and round in shape with grooving traps water for a long, long time. With no easy disposal options open, discarded tires are burnt openly, leaving deadly and dangerous smoke which contains toxic compounds.
  4. Discarded tires are also thrown in landfills; their hollow and round shape takes up valuable land space, and tires don’t stay buried in the ground; they release methane and ripping through landfill liners through the process.
  5. Apart from furniture, we are working on developing bags, slippers, pots, baskets, trunks, mirrors, planters, belts, buckets, and what all possible we can make with scrap tires.
  6. More than a million tires across the globe are dumped in landfills and water streams.
  7. The use of tires in the construction process is also something we are exploring.
  8. We target the garden furniture segment, outside segment, as they are all weatherproof, no rusting, so termite can withstand sun and rain and will last a lifetime.
  9. We are also developing an indoor range of tire furniture too.
  10. Corporate clients and govt bodies we are hopeful will respond to this new use of tires.
  11. Through this new initiative, we can provide livelihoods at the local level. We are right now exploring the option of using tires as dustbins.
  12. A very straightforward rocker would cost Rs.500/-, and the costliest tire furniture set will cost Rs.15,000/-, we are developing an entire range to cater to all segments.
  13. They can easily make planters, dust bins, storage bins; at least these items are straightforward to make, and just with the help of a drill machine and a few nuts & bolts, they are ready that too at no cost give wonderful colors to the tires. These go in kid’s rooms, and small puffs can be made which kids all required some old clothes in the house.
  14. Planters – This inventiveness is towards recycling the material and put to a useful application. There would not be any chances of breakage and would last a lifetime; the only maintenance required would be coloring regularly.
  15. Municipal wastes, which consist of tires and drums, are collected and converted into furniture and planters, which can be used in their offices and parks. The furniture made of recycled tires is all-weather proof. Hence, it can be employed both indoors and outdoors. The indoor furniture can be done with either Rexene or cushions, and for outdoor furniture, waterproof boards and Rexene can be used.
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Marleen S. Hallaert
Marleen S. Hallaert

Yannick De Brackenier nog autobandjes :)

Yannick De Brackenier
Yannick De Brackenier


Linda Winchell

Now this idea should take first place prize in any comp!

Laura Fischler
Laura Fischler

Old tires stink when they’re in the hot sun

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