by Julia Kuhn

Mine & Yours – A Creative Family Furniture

«Honey, how much more do I have to tell you not to paint that wardrobe!» If you deal with kids, you might be familiar with the fact that these little darlings don’t necessary value that expensive piece of furniture of yours too much.

«MINE & YOURS» is a line of creativity fostering family furniture that come in quite handy if you have kids and still want to keep damage from your beloved pieces of furniture without making too many restrictions. The products trigger creativity and curiosity of kids in a simple and intuitive way.

Mine? Yours? Ours!

There is kids furniture and there is grown up furniture. If you have kids, you probably know that they like to draw and paint pretty much on everything they see, including your expensive and valuable furniture. Because the urge of children to creatively express themselves doesn’t really fit to your expensive piece of design, we have invented «MINE & YOURS» – a creative family furniture.

Family furniture with integrated blackboard painting surface.

Each piece of furniture of our «MINE & YOURS» product line comes with two separate sections: the grown-up section and the kids section. The grown-up section just looks like a regular piece of furniture which we carefully repainted in one of the «MINE & YOURS» colour lines. The kids section features a surface painted with blackboard painting, so kids can draw and paint on it with regular street chunks in any colour they wish.

It’s a recycled product!

Each piece of the «MINE & YOURS» line is carefully picked from flea markets or second-hand stores we love, restaurated with much care and brought to live again to serve as a creative piece of furniture for both grown-ups and kids.

Info: Google Docs


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This cool : ) i sure

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