Modern Hanging Plants Wall from Recycled Plastic Bottles

This wall of hanging plants looks very modern and design and the best…it was done with recycled plastic bottles. So, before throwing away those bottles from your favorite beverages, think of reusing them for your home decoration :)



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Tracey Constable

That’s cool hey Chelsie Constable

Anne Tichborne

Be skeptical. In normal circumstances the plants would grow towards the light source, in this case the window. But they’re growing straight up toward a sun that isn’t there. Conclusion – this was done for the camera, or the plants are artificial.

Reply to  Anne Tichborne

Because they are bottles sitting in a hoop, you could always rotate them a 1/4 turn weekly and that would keep them straight.


In fact it’s all artificial! If you follow the link to the submitter’s website you’ll see he’s a 3D artist who specialises in architectural visualisation. Nice idea though.

Robert Bland

Anne what if the are rotated on a regular basis

Margaret Norton Weller
Reply to  Robert Bland

Being round containers in round bases, it is very easy to rotate them regularly. Sometimes conclusions can be wrong :)

Robert Bland

Now then this is clever it has invisible fixings….??

Judea Nieuwenhuijzen

Kelle Belle, lijkt je dit wat?

Kelle Belle

ja ken ze idd ,geprobeerd met 1 maar werkt niet


So very cool! I would have never thought of this in a million years. Looks like a metal holder. I’d like to try this with some hemp or jute roap for a more rustic look, on a amller scale of course.


wow they look awesome! Love them

Gee Bee
Gee Bee

Great concept but if they were real how does the drainage work?

Reply to  Gee Bee

Many just poke small holes in the bottom.

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